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Surgical Ward Addition Project

Tanzanian Cardiac Hospital Foundation

Our current project is raising $32,000 to add a surgical ward to the clinic. This would allow patients to sufficiently recover from surgery before making the journey home.

To donate with a check or money order, print and fill out our Donation Form and mail it to Tanzania Cardiac Hospital Foundation, Inc. 516 SE Monet Drive, Port St. Lucie, FL 34984. To donate via Paypal click the "Donate" button below.

Surgical Ward Addition Goal: $32,000

73% Funded
$23,500 Raised
Tanzanian Cardiac Hospital Foundation

Help our Cause

There are so many ways you can assist us in our good work at N’garenairobi Health Centre. First and foremost is prayer! Pray for our success at obtaining the needed funds and equipment to continue to advance the work we are doing in Tanzania.

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In August 2006, Fr. Mark Mlay, a missionary priest from Tanzania, and Michael D’Angelo, his parishioner at St. Lucie Catholic Church were both turning 50 years old. At our luncheon, Fr. Mark shared with us and another parishioner the desperate need for medical care in his country. One of his dreams was to make available open-heart surgery in Tanzania. At that time, anyone needing this surgery would have to travel to India.

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